Sunday, January 24, 2016

Eye Makeup Tips For African American Women

Black skin is beautiful and it can be made more attractive with using right kind of eye makeup. With some simple tips, you can improve it to a great extent.
Light colors
When choosing eye shadows for black skinned women, it is important to go for lighter tones only and
never overdo. Because naturally its dark, rich shades will not give nice effect. Instead choose neutral or soft tones. Apply gently and merge well. Line with black or brown eye liner. You can choose any other color as well. Mascara is also important. Apply several coats for more extension and glamour. Pink, peach, lavender, aqua, light green, soft grey, cream, beige, silver and gold are perfect colors for such eyes.
Before putting on eye colors, dab primer over the entire area to make sure, eye color gives its full effect after application. It also increase staying power of the color. Start from the upper lashline area and go to the brow bone. Mix it well to avoid smudges.
Highlighter is important especially with formal eye makeup. It makes eyes shiny and attractive. Choose silver, gold, beige or light copper. You can have matte, shimmery or glossy effect but it all depends upon your taste, choice and suitability.
Outfit color scheme
The best idea is to use colors that are similar to your outfit or with its embellishments. It looks really stunning and gorgeous.
Type of shadow
Powdered eye shadows give matte effect and are best in casual days. They are most widely used but their staying power is not as good as others.more about How To Shape And Pluck My Eyebrows?
Shimmery eye shadows are used for formal occasions, prom night, friends get-together, evening parties, wedding or a night-out. They are sparkly and shiny. Perfect for a fancy look.
Creamy eye shadows are more dramatic and beautiful. They are easy to apply. Just swipe across the upper lid area and finish it off. It looks fabulous and stylish. These are ideal for girlish and modern look.
Eye shape
Consider your natural eye shape when putting on makeup. For smaller eyes, extended eye liner is good. It makes your eyes visually larger and bigger. For big eyes, choose simple liner that just finished to the outer edge or upper lashline only. Keep it thin and don’t overdo. Applying on lower lashline will also make eyes appear normal. This type of makeup is great for giving dramatic look and grabbing attention to the eyes.