Monday, January 25, 2016

Latest Arabic Hijab Styles 2014

Hijab is the symbol of Muslim ladies. Whenever we see a g a Muslim lady in hijab we can certainly tell that she is Muslim. Hijab is the symbol of modesty and it gives grace to a lady. Earlier hijab was wore in simple way but now as the society has modernized many hijab styles have been introduced
for girls so they can enjoy a variety of styles on different events. Girls who wear hijab cannot make different hairstyles in their routines but they can enjoy different hijab styles. There are many latest Arabic hijab styles which you can select for your daily routines and also for formal days.

Daily hijab for office:

Girls who go office can wear a simple yet elegant hijab. This kind of hijab is very simple to wear easy to carry and it looks really formal. You can simply wrap a hijab around your face and tie a knot on the neck area. It is very difficult to carry different stylish hijab styles on your daily office routine so here is the latest Arabic hijab style for working ladies.  Latest Abaya Collection For 2014

Triangle scarf hijab style:

Another way of wearing hijab in your daily office routine is that you can use a triangle silk scarf and can simply wrap it around. It looks really graceful and it can also be used on different formal events like meeting of functions.

Trendy casual hijab style:

Girls these days like different funky and cool hijab styles. So they can use them in their daily routines or friends gatherings. Turban style hijab is very common and trendy these days girls love to wear these cool hijabs. The plus of this type of hijab is that you don’t have to carry heavy scarf all the time. Whole hijab is wrapped and covered so there is no extra cloth for which you have to worry about. You can use it with skirts jeans and

Everyday hijab:
In summer light colors are used for hijabs to give a lighter effet. With some little twists and turns you can use on hijab for differet style. Cool colors look really attractive and lively. The latest arabic hijab styles are very chic that covers you and at the same time gives you a stylish up to date looks.

Outdoor hijab styles:

Casual outdoor arabic hijab styles are the best hijab styles for girls for outdoor  activities. Bright cool summer colors with light cloth stuff. What else you need for summer styles.light cotton stuff hijab resists heat and it also absorbs less heat then silk hijab. Simply wraping around the hijab can make you look stylish but with just a little technique a siple hijab style can goes styles and formal.
Ther are a huge range and variety of hijab styles which you can carry on your daily casual routine or you can use them formally too. Latest arabic hijab styles are very classy stylish and cool in looks. You can give a variety on same hijab style with little changes. What else you need when you can cover yourself by looking trendy and stylish like others

Fariha Taj