Sunday, January 24, 2016

Latest Trend Of Hair’s Color 2014

• Hair’s specialist NABILA says.. “I would like to recommend light blonde to be the lightest color used at home on your own. Colors further on the lighter side should be handled by professionals as they may turn out to be inappropriate if attempted at home.

It is important to aware of how light blonde compliments your skin tone. It would be preferable for fair skin tones and brown colored eyes/lenses to bring out beauty of this shade.

• Light blonde being a daring choice for Hair color; I would advice you to wear bold makeup to balance the Hair and enhance the glam look.

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• Skin looks in its most optimum condition with the right amount of makeup to make it look fresh with a healthy glow.

• In order to bring out glow on your face, add a subtle amount of bronzer to blend well with this Hair color adding to your summer look”.