Sunday, January 24, 2016

Natural Ways to Wash Long Hair without Shampoo

Well excellences, here I will illustrate some points which will help you to wash your hair without
shampoo. Some women try to avoid shampoo because they think that it contains too different sort of
chemicals and these chemicals will make their hair dry and the hair will start falling, their falling
increase with the use of some shampoos. Some shampoos make the hair dry it will also increase the rate
of dandruff in your hair. Mostly women think that here is no another way to wash hair without shampoo
but I sure you that here are some natural ways to wash hair without shampoo. I am going to pen down
some natural and harmless ways to wash hair without shampoo. And if you will be able to follow these
steps then you will be able to get long, strong, thick and healthy hair.
1. Use Egg to Wash Hair

This is the natural way to wash hair, make the paste of egg, mustard oil and yogurt, and put it aside
for 10 minute. Then apply this mixture on your hair roots and stay as is it is for at least 30 minutes.
When the duration come on completion then wash your hair without shampoo the egg work as soap or
shampoo while washing the hair. This is the easiest way to wash hair it’s not enough it will make your
hair healthier and strong if you try to wash your hair at least two times in a week. You will feel your hair
shiny and soft as you desire to have long hair. But if you have long hair and you use this tip to get them
longer then this is the perfect tip to make them awesome. This tip is useful to reduce hair falling and
hair damaging.

2. Radish Water as the Best Hair Wash
Radish water is used as the best hair wash, it is the natural way and you can get beautiful hair if you will
use the radish water to wash hair. But don’t use any sort of soap or water wash hair while you are going
to wash them with radish water. Before washing your hair with it try to massage your hair with mustard
oil and stay oily for two hours long. Then get the hair wash away with radish water, it will be the perfect
way to wash hair without shampoo.

Some women try to wash their hair with dish washing detergent, they think that it will suite their hair
best as they want to avoid different chemicals. But it is not the perfect way to was hair because it may
contains too many chemicals like some undergoing shampoos.