Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Pakistani mehndi design for foot

The beauty of traditional henna patterns never loses its charm! The image exemplifies the same! The beautiful design encompasses peacock figures, leaves, dots and floral pattern together.
The exposed skin left just above the toes highlights the unusual symmetrical design on the toes. The vibrant red nail paint completes the bridal look as red symbolizes festivity and happiness.The mehndi artist has imaginatively used various pictures in this exotic henna pattern. You can notice the beauty of decorated triangles, hearts, circles and flowers in this design which look like an interesting geometrical henna pattern. Also, the small bunches of dots, imprinted in a zigzag manner all over the feet, look pleasing.The brides often prefer mehndi designs for legs that give a fuller henna look to their feet. This sophisticated henna pattern can be one of the best options for brides who opt a gorgeous look for their feet. The vertical pattern with circles, the peacock figures and the net on toes all look so versatile and stylish in the form of this henna design.