Friday, January 22, 2016

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles With Yoga

Dark circles hinder the beauty in you making you look like fatigue and tired. Make your eyes glowing and active by opting right exercises to remove dark circles. Dark circles are the cause of lack of sleep, excessive stress and illness. Lack of oxygen and blood flow to the face can also be the reason for dark circles. Yoga can be the right exercise to reduce the dark circles making you look fresh and beautiful. In this article we are going to describe some of the best and easy yoga exercises which will reduce dark circles in short span of time. Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Eyes Easily & Naturally.


It is a standing, forward bend pose which is the main and foremost exercise in yoga series for dark circles. This yoga exercise stretches out the muscles of the whole body, making the nervous system active and regulates blood in the nerves. Blood flows through the face actively which reduces the level of dark circles day by day as you keep it in practice. This yoga exercise is also beneficial for relieve from abdominal and stomach disorders.
Steps for Hastapadotasana

   To do this exercise you have to stand straight keeping legs apart as of shoulder width.
 Now you have to stretch both hands forward and upwards in way that gives a stretch to your spine
   Next step is to bend slowly to touch the floor with palms with head touching knees.
 Breathe normally as you do.
Do not compel to stretch more and more if you cannot touch the ground easily. Keep it in easy way to prevent and trauma of muscles. This exercise also prevents heart diseases and any health conditions. Best Cream for Pimples, Dark Spots and Acne


This pose is done in a way that legs are up the wall head is down on floor along with the back. This will increase the blood flow in the head portion compelling dark circles to vanish. This exercise pose also helps relieve the backache and keep the mind calm and tension free. Dark circles are the reason of restless mind and backaches.

Steps for Viparitakarani

    You have to lie down on floor near any wall.
   Raise your legs as they are resting on wall with feet upwards.  Stretch your arms outwards in any direction and feel relax.
   Hold on this pose as long as you can keep it.
Sambhavi  mudra

This is a simple and easy yoga pose which compels you to be calm and be relaxed. Once you are relaxed you will feel change in your dark circles around eyes. They will start to vanish gradually. In this pose your muscles around eyes are stretched and those get relaxed which are in between both eyes.

Steps for Sambhavi  mudra

  Find a comfortable room of your home.
   Put right foot on left thigh and left foot on right thigh.
    Be relaxed and close your eyes.
  Put your hands on knees with a stretch. Keep in this position.
  Hold your eyeballs watching the center of both eye brows for 5-6 counts then release it.