Saturday, January 23, 2016

Top 10 Things Every Woman Needs To Stop Doing

It is conventional wisdom that we are own worst enemies. We mostly drive ourselves insane striving in perfection, relationships and selves and if honestly observe it becomes exhausting. Women we are issuing a challenge to ourselves and other women to stop doing these 10 things. Of course it is not
easier as said than done, but if you don’t succeed at first try, tries again.

1.    Apologizing all the time:

It has been prove by research that women say “sorry” more often than men. We all have responsibility to say sorry when we make a mistake. But constantly doing so does not make good for you instead it creates harm. There is no need for qualifying everything you do. Own your preference and decisions.

2.    Saying “yes” to everyone else:

Yes, I will meet you for coffee even if I am exhausted and just want to go home and sleep. Yes, I will go with you for shopping even I am feeling very tired and don’t want to go with you. Please stop to do so when you don’t mean it. People actually respect you more when you set your boundaries.

3.    Saying “no” to yourself:

Most of the women spend a lot of time for deciding what we can’t do or shouldn’t do or are not enough good to do. Don’t allow these insecurities to make decisions for you. Just go and talk to that group for which you think that you cannot fit into that and stay a long even you don’t want.

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4.     Holding on to regrets and guilt:

There are two things that effect your emotions like regrets and guilt. Just try to accept them and then move further next of your ability.
5.     Wearing heels every day:

When women’s wear heels on daily basis it is just give trouble to your poor feet because they don’t feel comfortable with them. Even it creates a pain for you. Try to give comfort to your feet plus flat shoes can be super stylish.

6.     Being in relationships for the sake of having a relationship:

When you feel fear to be alone the worst thing you try to jump into relationship that you really don’t want. The end result is not comes good because you are just trying to be with such relation that has no real mean for you.

7.    Not taking advantage of your vacation days:

Most of the people are there who forgoing their paid vacation days. Despite of this fact that more people are likely who take advantage of this are more happy, healthy and productive. No one will die if you turn off your phone and head to mountains for a long weekend.

8.    Holding on to toxic friendships:

There are many people who just try to keep that friendship which have not any existence. Life is very short please tried to keep yourself away who take you as a crap and don’t waste your time.

9.    . Spending time with people out of obligation:

It is just because you have spent every waking moment of your basic school does not mean that now you have anything common with her. There is no need to see for everyone who passes through your city. Be intentional about who you spend your time with and allow yourself to let someone relationship fade away naturally.

10.    Setting deadlines for major life events:

Don’t try to plan meticulously plan out when you should fin your love, babies or a dream job. Enjoy the uncertainty of life and allow yourself to overjoy those who you feel you should skip and give a pleasant happiness.