Sunday, May 28, 2017

Amazing Health Benefits of Wearing Toe Rings

Toe are worn by Indian married women since ages. Toe rings are made up of silver and comes in beautiful designs. Toe rings are worn on the second toe of each leg. Toe rings are used as an accessory and looks beautiful on the feet of married women. In India toe rings are worn by every Hindu married women.
Every married women wear Toe Rings without knowing the science behind it. So lets reveal science behind wearing Toe Ring by married women.
As you already know Toe rings are made up of Silver metal and are worn on the Second Toe of each feet. It is a proven fact that there is a nerve which starts from this toe and goes to the uterus and then to the heart. By wearing toe rings good circulation was ensured thereby strengthening the uterus.
Also it is said that Menstrual cycle of women is regulated by wearing Toe Ring.
Toe Ring also helps speedy conception that is the reason why it is recommended that married women should wear toe rings.
As toe ring is made up of Silver metal which is a good conductor, it absorbs the energy from the earth and passes it to the body thereby rejuvenation the entire system.