Monday, January 25, 2016

Different Types Of Hijab Pins For 2014

The importance of hijab pins can just be known by the women who wear hijab regularly. We all know that Hijab is one of the main clothing for the women of Muslim countries such as Pakistan, Saudia Arabia, Dubai and Iran. It is all used as the main aim of covering the whole body apart from face
and hands. Some of the hijabs are designed up in such way that is even involved in covering the hands as well in the form of gloves.

Now the main topic is about the diverse types of hijab pins for 2014! Below we will going to mention some of the main types of hijab pins and the place from where you can purchase them:

Different Types Of Hijab Pins:

1.    Straight Pins: This pin has the shape that is quite similar to the sewing that is all taken into custody for holding the pattern to the fabric. They can be used as best for wrapping the hijabs perfectly. You can place the pin at the top or on the side of your hijab. You can select the pin that is all added with the flowers on top. You can get it at cheap rates that are not less than a penny. You can choose the pin that matches along with the color of the hijab.

2.    Metal Safety Pins: Metal hijab pins are best choice for the women in support of the triangle hijab. This can be used to pin up the hijab right under your chin. You can even use it for pinning up the tails back behind your head. It will hold the fabric and give it some fraying look. It is easy to find out as it is all set in variety of sizes and colors.

.    Plastic Safety Pins: On the next we have plastic safety pins! It is simple and easy to use up and is all accessible in varieties of colors. Some of the pins are all embellished with the crystals that give away the attractive look to the pins. They are cheap in rate and are easily break in half or unclasp. It will be visible when you will going to place it under the chin so make sure that you cover the pin with the material.

4.    Modern Pins: Modern pins are used by both non-Muslims and Muslims. It gives the whole hijab with the funky appearance. It can even be used as the brooch or you can even fasten your hijab in an imaginative ways.

5.    Decorative Charm Pins: On the last we have decorative charm pins! You can just make the use of it as by dangle down at the side of your scarf that will going to help you to hold it one place.

So these were some of the stunning and lovely looking types of hijab pins for women! If you love wearing Hijabs in daily routine then don’t forget to add it up with the charming and elegant looking Hijab pins!

Fariha Taj