Saturday, January 23, 2016

How To Do Makeup For A Natural Look

The purpose of makeup is not to cover your natural features but to enhance them.Doing lots of makeup gives a dirty impression. It looks like that someone had done painting with paint brush. It is good to do makeup along with natural look. Here are few tips for this purpose.The first step is to clean your face properly. Use any good face wash for this purpose.

Use moisturizer.

Apply premier.

Apply foundation according to your skin tone. Blend it properly. Also apply it on neck otherwise there will be the clear difference between face and neck. If you have dark circles under eyes apply foundation over there and blend it properly with the help of your ring figure.

You can also use concealer for covering dark spots. Don’t overdo it. Use it only for hiding dark circles.If you want to give a professional touch use two colors of eye shadows.

Use light colors to inner parts of eye and dark on outer areas.

Use a good quality eye liner. Using gel liner is sufficient good.

Curl your eye lashes.

Apply two coats of mascaras.

Applying bronzer is good in order to give
Apply blush on. Don’t use too dark color. Apply it equally on both cheeks.
Use a good lip color.