Saturday, January 23, 2016

10 Best Way How To Make Lip Gloss

Making lip gloss at home is easier than you think. High quality lip glosses are quite expensive. Why not make different glosses at home and enjoy.

Ingredients commonly used in lip gloss
Cosmetic industry uses many ingredients such as petroleum jelly, vegetable shortening, almond oil, honey, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, sesame oil, beeswax, flavored essential oils, Koolaid, fruit juices, herbal extracts, and artificial colors. You can also use these products in appropriate combination and proportion to prepare your own lip gloss at home. At least 45 percent of ingredients should be oil which means in liquid form and 25 percent is solid like shea butter, coconut and palm. Rest 25 percent should be brittle like palm kernal oil and cocoa butter at room temperature. This proportion makes the right texture of lip gloss
Melting options
When you are melting ingredients of lip gloss base like beeswax and petroleum jelly in microwave, process them only for 20 to 30 seconds at a time. Overheating can cause disturbance. Also, stir the ingredients a few times during heating.
When using double boiler to heat the ingredients, keep flame low and stir continually to make sure it does not get burn or overheat. Immediately turn off the stove as soon as the shortening or ingredients melt completely. Another safer method to melt the ingredients is putting them in air-tight plastic bag and place in a bowl with hot water. Once it melts, knead the bag and add other ingredients like oils, colors and flavorings. Knead again and mix them well. Cut down the bottom corner of the bag and pour into storage containers and use.
Cooling and Storing
Give enough time to ingredient for cooling down completely before you store them. Pour the gloss in storage container and leave them to set properly. When they cool down, cover the containers with lids and store in a cool and dry place. Refrigerating is the best idea especially in hot summer days. You can buy containers from the market or re-use existing one.
One recipe is given here:
Things required
•    Shortening
•    Olive oil
•    Icing color
•    Fork, spoon, small cup, bow, tooth pick, rubber band and plastic bag
Melt shortening in microwave or shallow pan over heat until it turns to liquid. Pour some olive oil into that and stir well. Let shortening become cool and turn to its solid state again.  Put in a plastic bag or container and refrigerate for several hours.