Friday, January 22, 2016

Top 10 Minute Frequent Makeup Tricks

Have you ever seen the time while makeup? If you have not than check it out this time. Hold a stopwatch and figure out that how much time it takes to finish up the below listed procedure. After trying this procedure out you will notice that this top 10-minute Makeup Routine really works

3 minutes procedure

Wash your face with warm water thoroughly, along with some part of neck. After when it is washed completely apply any of your moisturizing cream that you use in routine. Message you skin with cream to absorb it then apply base powder. It will automatically melt in the moisturizing cream. Puff it on neck too. Now your base is ready in 3 minutes.

4 minute procedure

Rub the puff gently on your skin to make it even and apply small amount of liquid foundation or pan stick on your eyelids. Make it even with finger. Do not apply eye shades in routine; you must change your look because people get bored of seeing same face daily. However, if you like to apply it, then apply it in a very small amount on eyelids. Do not blend it outward. Here 2 minute is over. Now apply thin layer of eye liner on its right place and use black pencil to make line right below your lower eye lashes. Stop the pencil in half way, only half of your eye outward till corner of your eye should underlined with black pencil. 4 minutes over.

Next 2 minute procedure

Now time for next two minutes. Use a light pinkish shade of blush-on. Apply blush-on on your cheek apples and somewhat on your nose tip. Also apply a very little of it in between your eyebrows and on your chin. This will make you look fresher in front of others.  Blend all the bushed areas with empty puff or you palm. To make it look natural. Here, 9 minutes are over.

Last 1 minute

Last one minute is left….
Do not worry. Do not panic, because you are now done with the major part of makeup. Now the thing which is left is your lipstick. A woman knows the art of applying lipstick while walking. Right ladies? However, you still have one minute. Apply lipstick of light shade and put a tissue paper between your lips and press them against each other. This will blend your lipstick absorbing it into your lips giving a natural look. Now your makeup is complete. You are ready for any event or meeting.

Makeup art is very easy if you know the right way. Just try it out once and you will feel it pretty effective for your busy routine. I am sure you can take out 10 minutes for yourself from 24 hours a day, and that is not a difficult task. You have to do something for yourself too in addition to providing you several services to your loved ones. Enjoy the simple and easy techniques of 10 minute makeup trick.