Monday, January 23, 2017

stylish lehenga choli daman in new styles

In this article, I want to tell you about lehenga choli dress. This lehenga dress is very famous among eastern women and western women. Most western women’s like this dress and very common in this society buy in these days eastern women’s to like this dress and particularly new generation is so much like this dresses. Lehenga Choli dress is very perfect to wale ema day because these days light color suit for bridal and Barakat day very shocking color suit to every bridal. Lehenga choli is a typical dress and a traditional look. This dress is nice and most designers are designs these dress in every trend because this dress is very latest in every time and this lehenga choli dress fashion is never old and now lehenga choli fashion is available in different style and different shapes, flared, Kalyan choli daman, fish style, panelled lehenga choli, circular lehenga choli, is so famous in these days. many types of lehenga choli daman, sharara style lehenga, cut lehenga, straight cut lehenga and many more style which famous among the world. Mostly girls like a flared or Kalyan type lehenga choli because both lehengas are most popular in the world. If you want more information so plz visit our website