Wednesday, January 4, 2017

stylish tikya mehndi designs special for ladies

Mehndi is loved by ever Asian girls and every Asian lady like to embellish he feminine beauty with most fabulous embellishing designs of mehndi. For different celebration as eid, wedding and other formal jovialities mehndi is one of the most alluring and special embellishing accessory which is crucial for every lady. In Pakistan to celebrate awesome wedding celebration, special mehndi night function is organised to embellish the hands and feet of brides.

In contemporary age lots of designs of amazing mehndi has been popular among the beauty divas but if you go in historic eras then we know that mehndi was popular among the femininity as Tikya designs. The moon like round circle is embellished with dots, floral patterns, paisley and many other designs. Tikya is still enormously like by fetching modern girls, square and round tikya has great fascination in its designing visions. Taking in this regard here we are sharing some excellent designs of marvellous tikya designs which are fabulously awesome for gorgeous young girls. These tikya designs are fabulously awesome both for single and married girls. If you are the beginner of mehndi designing then these tikya designs will greatly assist you to grab the excellent dexterity of mehndi designing. Let’s discuss fabulous magnificence and classy expressions of these amazing tikya designs.