Friday, June 16, 2017

Wedding-Guest Dresses You'll Actually Want to Wear

What better occasion to gather with your loved ones, toast, and celebrate than a summer wedding? But soon after you find yourself typing "wedding guest dresses" into your search bar shortly after you receive the RSVP, the whole to-do gets a little less exciting. Luckily, in recent seasons, brands like Reformation and Topshop have gotten in the business of making wedding-guest dresses that are easy on the wallet (and easy on the eyes) for all of us budget-conscious party-goers. These dresses not only meet your needs for the night-of but also eliminate the closet clutter—because you'll want to wear these dresses constantly.
Whether the nuptials take you to the beach at sunset, deep in the woods at dusk, or to some chandelier-decked ballroom, you don't have to look very far to find solid wardrobing options for your summer event under $200. There are plenty of affordable wedding-guest dresses well-suited to meet your needs—so now there aren't many excuses to not shell out on that fancy kitchen mixer your friends had on their registry.