Monday, August 7, 2017

All pakistanies celebrates independence day with me

As Pakistan's 70th Independence Day comes around, Pakistanis across the country flock to stalls and vendors to buy national flags of different shapes and sizes to show their patriotic fervor.

The show of patriotism doesn't end with flags shirts, dresses, balloons and badges, as well as other memorabilia bedecked in the hallmark green and white, emblazoned with the national flag, are a hot commodity as citizens throng the markets, surveying the colorful and quirky offerings.

In big and small cities throughout the country, the streets are full of national fervor as people buy patriotic merchandise from the dozens of vendors that have set up shop.

People of all age groups are busy buying flags and clothing apparel that shows off their love for Pakistan.

Anticipating high demand, vendors started selling Independence Day products as soon as the month of August began.