Friday, January 22, 2016

5 Best Ways For Dry Scalp Treatment

Easy Dry Scalp Treatment techniques can be really helpful in moisturizing your scalp from deep inside. A mess like a dry scalp can cause itching and hair fall eventually. Below in this article we have provided you the simple and easy tips to cure dry scalp. Make your scalp moisturized with the
following easy techniques if you are fed up of daily usage of conditioners and still not get hydrated scalp. beauty tip dandruff.
1.    Eggs and Olive Oil:

Eggs are the rich source of Protein which is the main building material of hair. What you have to do is to take two raw eggs. Crack open them to take out its yolk only. Yolk of the egg is the main part carrying thousands of nutrients. Add small amount of olive oil in it. Now add 1/8 cup of water in the mixture of oil and egg. Beat it well. Apply the mixture after shampooing your hair. Keep it on your hair for 30 minutes then wash your hair with warm water. Never wash your hair with hot water, it dries you scalp more than usual. Feel the difference after the treatment.
2.    Mayonnaise:

Take half cup of Mayonnaise and apply it on your hair. Cover your scalp and whole hair from roots to tips with mayonnaise. Take a sheet of plastic and cover your head with it. Let it on your hair for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes wash your hair with warm water using shampoo to reduce odor. See more: damaged hair.

3.    Oil and Garlic:

Boil some amount of oil adding few pieces of garlic in it. Do not burn it. Just take it off after one boil. Allow it to cool until it comes equal to the body temperature. Apply the oil on your scalp in great amount. If you will cover your whole hair with oil it will be better. You can keep the oil for one day or wash it after 2 hours. You will surely get rid of dry scalp and hair fall.

4.    Honey Conditioner:

Honey is a real and huge source of highly useful nutrients. Take small amount of honey according to your hair length. Add extra virgin olive oil in the honey. Take 2 teaspoons of vegetable glycerin in the mixture of honey and olive oil. Mix it well then apply it on your scalp and whole hair to get rid of dry scalp. Use this mixture as a normal conditioner but you will happy to see the effective results of this natural conditioner.

5.    Do not over shampoo:

Shampoo works well when you use it twice a week. However it starts damaging your hair if you use it daily or twice a day. The ingredient present in the shampoo naming sodium lauryl sulphate irritates the scalp and cause dryness. Mild shampoos are not much harmful however can damage too if used excessively. After washing your hair, cover them with a piece of cloth to lock moisture inside. Use tooth comb instead of a hair brush to comb your hair. This basic technique will surely help cure dry scalp.