Monday, January 25, 2016

Best Spring Summer Dress for 2014

Summer is the season when you have to follow some rules or tips to buy or select dress. In summer season you must face the problem between choosing colors and various fabrics. Some people consider it a great problem but I think it’s not a hard task to fight with fabrics in summer. Some rules
can help you to find the best summer dress. For example if you are an old man you think that there are a lot of old man not only you. If you are curvy, then think that you are not the only one in this world. This will help you to find a good and perfect summer dress for you.
Some women have boyish figure means solid body type; just because of that woman has boyish figure does not mean that you prefer to wear jeans. In today’s world every brand has launched new collection of summer dresses for every body type.

Some tips to select the best summer dress according to body shapes

*Curvy: Those who have curvy body prefer to buy and wear fluid dresses. This type of dresses helps you in hiding the unwanted parts of your body. It is also recommended that you wear long dresses because it helps in getting balance looks. For women, it is suggested that they should avoid wearing high heels, short and tight dresses.

* Hourglass: The person belongs to this body type is recommended to wear medium or low neckline shirts. As hourglass body type has defined waist so one should take advantage of that and wear pants which balance the looks of upper part too.

* Rectangle: After rounded body type, this is one that can be considered as a balanced body type. These people have narrow hips and shoulders. Wrap dresses such as Indian Saris can be worn as it hides the other fat parts of body and make a rectangle shaped body as the center of attraction in any parties.

* Oval: Oval body means wide hips and full tights so if a man wears dress pant these posture will hide under it as dress pants are usually baggy as compare to jeans.

* Pear: Pear body type has narrow shoulders and fuller thighs and hips. Those who belong to this category are recommended not to wear fitted clothes because those will expose the postures of their body.

*Top-heavy figure: Top heavy figure does not mean that you are bulkier; it just means that you put on some weight. Usually top heavy figure means a man has generous chest with slim legs and moderate waist. To hide the unwanted postures of generous neck one should wear V neck shirt with baggy jeans.

Fariha Taj