Monday, January 25, 2016

Few Tips to Select a Prom Dresses for Various Body Types

Everyone wants to attract others by showing their body so the most important thing here is that to select the prom dress you wear while going for a party. Prom dresses come in various designs and styles. In this article we have selected few considerable women personalities and we also define how
to select the prom night dresses. Our designers have recommended some dresses for different body types so have a look on it, as it defined below. Selecting a prom dress according to your body type
* Hourglass figure: Hourglass figure can wear all type of dresses and all dresses can look fine on their body but still if you want to look fabulous and want to gain attention then do go for strapless dresses.
* Athletic and Straight figure: Athletic body can be attained by working hard. A suggestion for such type body holder is that they should not wear dresses which have sexy curves. Two types of dresses can be worn by such personalities. One is flared skirt and second is strapless dress.
* Round Figure: Dress’s quality and style is important for those who want to gain attraction and want to be a center of party. If round figure women wear a low neck line top then can enhance the chances that their breast can be prominent. As round shape women is bulkier from bottom, mean bulkier from hips so they should use empire dresses to hide bulkiness.
* Pear shape figure: Pear shaped figure is also known as bottom figure. For such bodies A-line with combination of empire dress is best to wear on prom night. This combination will help you in gaining a balanced look.
* Triangle Body Shape: Triangle body shape has wider waist and smaller shoulders. As far as this body is concerned we recommend the lighter tone colors. If you have this kind of body then you should wear light tone dresses so that you can achieve balanced looks.
* Characteristics of Apple body shape: Women having apple body shape usually have bulky legs, narrow hips and tights and a large bust. Along with such Flat rear ends, narrow hips and wide shoulders are also key characteristics of an apple body. The positive thing is that body part which balance the look for such women are attractive arms and bulky legs.

After defining all types of bodies and recommending the different prom night dresses, we suggest you to buy the online prom dress because in this way you can choose most attractive and best piece for you. You can write an email that you probably have apple body so that online team can suggest you some tips to recommend a dress.

Fariha Taj