Monday, January 25, 2016

Vintage Engagement Rings For Women

Almost every female loves to have beautiful jewelry. She likes to wear it especially on any event. But when it comes to her special day i.e. her wedding or engagement she would not compromise on anything. She wants best quality and designs. Vintage engagement rings are the best and awesome
collection for her. These
beautiful rings give you the opportunities to find the best and to find the rare and unique design for yourself. These rings will really make you feel special. There amazing and beautiful designs will make your day more significant. There are many designs and styles available in these rings.
An interesting thing about Vintage rings is that they have divided their rings styles in different era of vintage rings. Let’s see some of them.

The Victorian Era: It was the time when Queen Victoria reigned in England i.e. the styles are centered around 1830’s. During this era the jewelry made was soft and romantic. The colors which were mainly used were rose gold and yellow gold.

The Edwardian Era: This era reminds us of 1920’s when particularly platinum was very popular. Diamonds and sapphires were also popular. You can get the ring that is lacy and light.

The Art Deco Era: The art deco era also known as Jazz age remained from 1920 to 1935. White gold, emeralds, rubies, platinum, sapphires were all very popular during this time.

The Retro Era: The big sized rings were very in during this era. The stones which were used in these rings were synthetic gemstones which include aquamarine and rubies. Yellow gold was also used.

The Post Retro Era: this era includes almost all the rings from 60’s to 90’s. the rings in previous era were very expensive and it was not possible for everyone to purchase it. But rings in this era were little bit affordable.

However there are also number of different styles and design available which are very unique and classic. The vintage rings have amazing designs and styles. The colors are extremely beautiful. The stones used into them are expensive and are the best and high quality stones in the world. They not only charge because of styles
and designs but also the best quality they provide us with.

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Fariha Taj