Sunday, January 24, 2016

How To Shape And Pluck My Eyebrows

Shaping eye brows needs expertise and practice. You can make them of any shape that suits you. Just be careful to keep both the brows exactly the same.
Consider these things
The first and foremost important consideration is to follow your eye shape and face cut. For smaller
eyes, thin eye brows are perfect. For larger eyes, thicker ones can also work fine. You can also keep shape medium in normal days. Brides have very thin  eye brows to enhance eye makeup and make eye color more noticeable. Casual day eye brows are usually medium in thickness.
The curve depends upon your taste and natural eye shape. Some women prefer more round in the brows. Others like crease and keep the front end slanting. It all depends upon what suits you the most.
Brush the brows
Before plucking your eye brows, it is important to brush or comb them to keep all hair in natural direction.It will let you get an idea about how to shape them properly. Keep the brows dry and brush in natural direction. It will also shed extra hair.Makeup Tips for Pale Skin and Blue Eyes.
Upper eye brow
Start plucking or threading hair from upper eye brow area. Remove all extra hair and follow natural brow shape. Repeat the process for both the eye brows.
Lower eye brow
For lower eye brow, shape is a bit difficult to make because this area is tender and more hairy than the upper area. Pull the eye brow tightly upward to keep the skin tight. Now start plucking unnecessary hair from that and move with natural shape until it is fully done. Repeat the same for the other eye as well.
Right tools
For making beautiful eye brow shape, it is important to use appropriate tools and items required. These include pluck, tweezer, brow brush, thread and powder. The powder is dabbed to absorb excess oil and moisture from the skin. It does not cause slipping of the plucker or thread.
For finishing of eye brows, draw an eye pencil preferably dark brown to shape them and fill area with meager hair. It will define your brows well and enhance their shape well.
Expert help
For best results and shape, get services of an expert beautician for shaping up your eye brows. she will make the right shape according to your eyes and face.
Because eye brow hair grow rapidly, you can get them plucked once every week.