Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Latest Plus Size Shorts for Women

Since summers are here , most girls and women would like to cool off by having some air on the arms and legs. Therefore shorts are preferred , but some curvier or plus-sized women actually feel self-conscious about themselves while wearing shorts. That should not be the case. Well-chosen shorts will make you look cute and attractive.

When going for shorts , keep in mind the shape of your legs. If your legs are beautiful and curvy, you can fearlessly pick shorts the end on the thighs. If you have shorter thicker legs, choose slightly loose style, and a bit longer preferably one that ends just on the knee. They should cover up and skim any bulges. Select solid colors for plus sized figures. Cotton and denim are the most ideal materials for plus sized shorts.

Cotton is the fabric for summer as it is cool and light to wear. It is thick enough to cover up the bulging parts, Yet flowing enough to hang in a flattering way. Choose the shorts that hang or skim your body rather than cling or stick to your legs
Denim combined with spandex is slightly stretchy which adds to the comfort level of the clothes. It is also very attractive. Shorts can be chosen in both light and dark shades. Capris and bermudas are fun and look very flattering on most body types.

Always choose capris if your legs are on the shorter side. And never choose too tight shorts for shorter legs. If you have thick of fleshy ankles, then also you must go for short shorts as the make the legs look longer and take the attention away from the ankles. Another trick to make your legs look skinnier or more flattering is to choose a shade that is similar to your skin; this will blend in with the legs and make them look longer and thinner.

Dark colored shorts add a slimming effect to a plus sized figure. Jewel toned shorts are also effective for this purpose. If you like patterns then never pick large patterns, always go for dainty patterns and stripes or lines. A skirt-cum-short is also a type of shorts that comes usually in denim that looks like a skirt but is actually a short. These too will look nice and disguise fleshy thighs well. Choose the top carefully as well. Never ever wear a very short shirt with shorts if you are curvy, it will make you look very fat and unattractive, Wear blouses and button down shirts or plaid shirts.  light colored and plain shirts. Go for dark and patterned or decorated shirts.The top should be flowing on your body and not stick to it. Wear whatever you choose with confidence because people will feel good about you only when you feel good about yourself

Fariha Taj