Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How to Wear a Scarf 7 Different Ways

You can wear scarf in several different and stylish ways to look awesomely gorgeous and adorable. Wearing scarf with different styles is not only a trick to know however it also develops versatility in you making you look beautiful every time. If you want a stylish change in you then try out the
following 7 scarf wearing methods at different events to be gorgeous and stylish with beauty. View the Silk Scarves Styles For Men and Women.


The low knotted scarf looks awesome with jeans and top. To tie the scarf in this way just put the scarf in your neck from back side equally. Now tie the knot by holding both sides of the scarf. Tie it low like hanging. Tie two or three knots as you wish to style. You can also keep the knot high as you wish to style according to the dress you are going to wear on a particular occasion. View the  Latest Arabic Hijab Styles 2014.


This scarf style is a simple knotted around the neck with an infinity scarf. You can make it with other types of scarf but in a different way with both sides swinging below. With an infinity scarf hang the infinity scarf in your neck and make a knot by crossing it over your neck back again. Now set it as you want. Enjoy the infinity scarf style with awesome stylish looks. With simple type of scarf tie the swinging sides at the back of your neck with open hair. In this way you can get the style of infinity scarf style.
Scarf is the most versatile thing which you can wear at any event in any style. Whether you are wearing heavy or light scarf you can style it in several different ways. If there is cold outside you can wear scarf around your shoulders in a stylish way. You can also wrap it around your neck for an elegant look.


Apart from wearing scarf in neck or shoulders you can also make it a style by wearing it on head. You can either cover your head by keeping hair covered and rest lied in neck. This seems gorgeous if you are wearing any western style dress or formal wear.

Another style which you can opt with scarf on head is to tie your scarf on your ponytail it is small in size. In case of styling it differently you can tie your scarf around you up do then make a knot near your head.

Make a bandana style of your scarf by folding it and wrap it around your head holding half hair from back inside the bandana and rest leave below. Style the way that does not look silly instead seems stylish and awesome on you.

Try the one of the scarf wearing style mentioned above to get the right stylish look. Make yourself look awesome among others. You can create as many styles as you like by turning or twisting your scarf in several ways. Always opt for the look which you think will look awesome on you.

Fariha Taj