Friday, January 22, 2016

10 Best Eye Makeup Techniques & Ideas

Women around world must know the art, tips and tricks of the eye makeup. Eye makeup can enhance or destroy your personality because it plays a major part in the outlook. Grab your style for any party of daily life with expert celebrity look eye makeup. In this article we are going to discuss about some
of the tips which will surely enhance your eye look. Best 10 tips for eye makeup are present below. Follow the simple tips and make your eyes look extremely attractive and stylish.

1.    False lashes do gives a stylish look of eye makeup. If you are hesitant to stick artificial lashes then try the trick of Mascara layering. Apply at maximum three layers of Mascara and brush them with eye lash brush. This act will increase the volume of your eye lashes making it beautiful than ever.
2.    Do you have dark circles? Do not let them visible to other. Cover them completely with a suitable lighter tone concealer. Use concealer to cover them before going to parties. Otherwise you will look ill and unhealthy.

3.    Applying white pencil or liner on the lower waterline of your eyes will give you highly fresh and younger look. Pale gold eye pencil also looks good and enhances the eye look.

4.    Eye premier is a product which is really helpful in enhancing the look of eyes. It is best for the dry skin people. It enhances the shade of your eye lids when you apply it. More Eye Makeup Trends For Summer Season.

5.    Never forget your eyebrows while makeup. Consider them by using eye pencil of a suitable color to your brows. Use the same color of eye pencil for brows which they already have. It will give a natural and prominent to eyebrows.

6.    Want to get an instant Smoky eye look? Apply darker cream shadow or shadow pencil over your eyelid. Apply somewhat lighter shade in the inner eye areas of eyelid to make it more prominent.

7.    Use eye lash curler to boost your beauty of eyes and to give them a perfect celebrity look. After applying Mascara use eye lash curler to give them a perfect look. Do not press your lashes too hard. Keep it gently for about 10 seconds. Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Eyes Easily & Naturally.

8.    Eyeliner is the most important step of eye makeup. It enlarges the size of an eye. Never forget to apply thin layer of liner. However if you ran out of it use your favorite eye shadow and dip damp eye liner brush in it. Use it same as eyeliner, no difference will be there.

9.    Never use eye shadows directly on your eye lids if you want a perfect look. Take liquid base to apply it on the eyelids. Make it even with your finger tip and then apply eye shadow on it and observe the difference.

10.    Before going to bed always remove makeup with a suitable cream then wash your face otherwise you will get lots of pimples and acne on your skin which will destroy your look for the next time and you will be unable to cover it with any makeup product.