Friday, January 22, 2016

Best Makeup Tips for Pale Skin and Blue Eyes

People around us are seen with different skin color and eye color. What suits to one doesn’t suits to other. Same is the case with doing make up. Doing proper make up and especially the one which suits you is an art. It is important to do make up according to your skin color and checking out whether it
will suit you or not. If you haven’t done right make up you will not look pretty but ugly more than anything.
When it comes to pale skin and blue eyes, the make-up should be also according to it.

The first step is to choose foundation. Select the foundation with bit dark shades.

People having pale skin color should avoid too much black liners and shades. It is good for them to use brownish shades. You may use bronze eye liner. You can also use the yellow color of concealer in order to avoid dark circles. It will give a perfect look. Use pink and light brown for shading purposes.

For blush on use light colors and try to give a smoky look.

Use light colors for lip stick