Friday, January 22, 2016

How To Use Jamaican Black Castor Oil For Hair Growth

Every girl dream for best shining, glowing and healthy skin, so today I will give you some best beauty tips for glowing skin for tens, some of them are as follow:

TIP 1:

Drink plenty of water which will help you to make your skin healthy, glowing and fresh, also by drinking water your skin will remain hydrated so you will get a baby soft skin.

TIP 2:

Take 1 tea spoon of vegetable oil, 1 able spoon of honey and 1 medium size lemon mix these things well and apply with cotton, wash your face after 115- 20 minutes and you will get naturally glowing and soft skin.

TIP 3:

You may also try 1 table spoon grape vinegar, 1 table spoon water, 1 tomato juice, 1 potato juice and 1 cucumber juice and 1 table spoon chick pea powder, and apply this for 40 minutes and remove with light hand, you will find your skin glowing and reflecting like mirror.
TIP 4:

Moving up next to some more relative glowing skin tips we must talk about some fruits mask which you can apply for glowing and healthy skin, you must try a mixture containing, 1 avocado, 1 banana, 2 table spoons of honey apply this mixture till 15 minutes and wash with tap water, you will see the difference.

TIP 5:

Wrinkles are also a great problems now also for teens, they are biggest night mare for each of us, wrinkles are actually defined as creases caused in skin as it becomes thin and begins to sag, wrinkles firstly appear around eyes, neckline and cheeks which is common in teen agers. When a person is constantly living in rough environment, and carries smoking habit can have wrinkle in earlier age, there is some remedy for wrinkle free and glowing skin is, you need egg white, which help to tighten up your skin and fulfills the vitamin need of your skin.

TIP 6:

Take 2 egg whites and 3 capsule of spirulina, which you can get from any chemist shop, you have to take a bowl, add 2 table spoon of egg white, and open up a spirulina capsule and mix well till it appear in green color foam like thing, after you can apply with brush like a face Pac and after its dry sprinkle rose water and wash with cold water after 30 minutes, after applying this you will not even need any moisturizer it’s great for skin glowing and shine, and only try twice a week not more then it.

Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin For Pakistani Women

TIP 7:

2 table spoon Multani mud, 4 table spoon rosewater, 1 crushed almond powder, 2 table spoon apricot oil and brush it daily on your face and wash after 30 minutes with sandal powder, this will help you for glowing skin as well as this mask will remove acne marks if you have any.

These were some best tips related glowing and shiny healthy skin for teens, for more information, guide and help about fashion; glamour and healthy skin stay tuned! Till next article for your beautiful skin you look good feel better because we care for you!