Saturday, January 23, 2016

How to Make Lip Gloss at Home

Girls love to apply lip gloss on their lips for looking beautiful. It gives a subtle color and glossy luster to their lips. Mostly the girls use transparent gloss. But in market various flavors and colors are available. It can be various opacity shades, frosted glittered, metallic finishes and glossy. It contains
best ingredients that keep the girls’ lips soft and plumper.10 Best Way How To Make Lip Gloss.

You can also make by yourself. It is very easy to make on your own. When you are making your own lip gloss then you can customize it to give your favorite fragrance, favorite color and favorite flavor. You can make it in very little budget. Here I am discussing few steps of a cooling homemade lip gloss for you. Go ahead and do it by your own and save money.
First Step: Put some petroleum jelly in sauce pan

The first step is put some petroleum jelly in a sauce pan. Make sure that this pan is a microwave safe pan otherwise use stove. Use as much petroleum jelly as you want to make. You can use a proper container for lip gloss.

Second Step: Melt the Petroleum Jelly in the microwave or on stove

Place the sauce pan or bowl in microwave oven or on stove over low heat. Melt it for about 8 to 10 minute over stone or in microwave zap it on high temperature for 60 seconds. Now take the sauce pan out and give it stir for some time. Check the jelly condition. If jelly is still clumpy then again microwave it for some time until it become runny and smooth.

Third Step: Add some fragrance or scent in it

This is an excited step for the girls that they can give the scent or fragrance and also favorite flavor to the petroleum jelly by adding a few drops of your favorite oil or extract that fascinate you. Try different scents and flavor like vanilla, rose, lavender, cinnamon, almond, and other that you like or favorite.
Fourth Step: Add one spoon of Honey in it

After doing above, the fourth step is to add one spoon of honey in petroleum jelly. This will be very helpful to add shine and make it taste a sweet on your lips with great softness. Since Honey also has some useful properties like moisturizing and antibacterial, it is also a great item for conditioning your lips and keeping your lips from drying out.
If you don’t like honey then don’t add and skip this step, you lip gloss will still give you a shine and softness.

Fifth Step: Stir the mixture carefully

The fifth step is stirring the mixture carefully. It will be better if you stir it with spoon. Take a spoon and stir the mixture carefully until all the mixture is smooth.

Sixth Step: Pour it in lip gloss container and set it

This last step is pour the lip gloss in lip gloss container and set it out at room temperature.