Sunday, January 24, 2016

Seven Super Foods to Get Beautiful Hair

Here I am going to talk about seven supper foods which women need to get healthy and beautiful hair.
Food is the best way to get long and black hair. Try to eat protein rich diet which will help you to make

your hair strong and you have to know that there is the complete maintenance of vitamins, minerals,
and organic compounds in your body. If their quantity is balanced then your hair must be long and
healthy as you want. But if you are not physically fit then you hair will be rough and dull because of be
deficient in of protein. So read the given rich foods to get healthier hair…
1. Egg Yolk Rich in Vitamin B7

Try to eat egg and you can use only egg yolk because it is rich in vitamin B7, B6, B5, B12 and vitamin A.
and we know that they are full of nourishment and help you to completely moisturize your hair. So you
will be able to get long hair as you want to dream for.

2. Almond with Plenty of Vitamins

Almond contains vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and vitamin E. It also contain fatty acids, you must daily eat
almond if you make it as your habit then it will add more moisture to your hair and they will be more
strong and long.

3. Yogurt with Healthy Bacteria
It is good for your immense system and it will add more nourish to your body, it is rich in healthy
bacteria and live active cultures which will maintain your hair and make your hair long and healthy. So
try to have yogurt daily if you want to get healthy hair.

4. Carrot Promote to Shine Your Hair

Carrots contain plenty of vitamin A and we know that vitamin A help us to get shiny hair, because as we
know that they are responsible for the secretion of sebum in the skull.

5. Avocado is the Best Way to Get Long Hair

Make the paste of avocado, egg and olive oil, make this paste as you use to make some other paste
in your routine life apply it on your hair and then saw how long and shiny hair will you get in some

6. Drink Water to Make your Hair Smoother

Try to drink eight glass of water daily, because our hair needs 25% of water. So that’s why we have to
drink an excess amount of water to get better hair.

7. Salmon (omega-3-rich food)

It is an omega-3-rich food, it will help your hair to save from dryness, and it is also essential for hair and
skin. It contains excess amount of fatty acids which are best for your hair.