Sunday, January 24, 2016

Three Terrible DIY Hair Treatments

DIY means “do it yourself” treatments, so here I will illustrate some of those hair care tips which you
can apply on your hair as home remedies. Here you will be able to get some natural hair care tips which

you can do yourself to get long hair. Baking soda, henna, aloe Vera and Yogurt they are the best home
remedies which make you able to get long hairs. But I will illustrate just three of them and I think so that
these three tips will able you to get healthier, long, strong and beautiful hair, so don’t stay away let try
these tips and get marvelous hair.
1. Henna as the Best Hair Conditioner:

If you want to get a marvelous shin on your hair and you think that it should be easier, so try using this
tilt. Make the paste of henna powder, mustard oil, yogurt, egg yolk and fresh water; put this mixture
aside for ten minutes because the mixture get mixed accurately. So after ten minutes apply this mixture
from the roots to the tips of the hair. Wait for two hours till your hair get dried with this mixture and
then ago and wash away. Repeat this at least one time in week. It will help you to get long hair and it will
also decrease your hair’s falling ratio.

2. Mixture of Egg Yolk and Mustard Oil
It is another applicable home remedy, egg yolk and mustard oil are the two natural products and they
have no side effects. We use egg as daily while having breakfast and we also use mustard oil to save our
hair from dryness and roughness. So make the mixture of one egg yolk and mustard oil, apply it on your
hair as you sure that your hair are not dirty, this should be conformed that you have already washed
your hair before using this mixture on your hair. If you do like this, then this mixture will help you to get
long and healthy hair.

3. Use of Aloe Vera with Mustard Oil

Aloe Vera is the natural hair care treatment; it is also used to cure acne problems. Make the mixture of
Aloe Vera’s marrow and mustard oil and then apply it on your hair for two hours before washing them.
Aloe Vera is used to make your hair softer and softer. This would be the easiest way to get healthy and
soft hair, marrow of aloe Vera is used to soften the skin tone whether it is of your hair or face. Avoid
using any sort of shampoo which you know that it is full of different sort of chemicals. If you want to use
some sort of products then try to use the Garnier products.