Thursday, January 21, 2016

Best Shampoos and Conditioner for Damaged Hair

Girls love their hair and they do everything to protect them. A good and elegant hair style gives you a perfect look to your personality. But sometimes if we don’t take proper care of our hair they become dry and damaged. Sometimes using cheap and shampoos made up of using harm chemicals damage
the hair. The simple and easy tips are to oil them twice a week and keep your diet proper. Use good quality shampoos and the one that suits the nature of your hair.

best shampoos and conditioners for damaged hair

For dry hair it is compulsory to oil them and apply some homemade remedies. Apply yogurt to them. If egg suits your hair you can sometimes use it too. When it comes to shampoos for dry hair try to use shampoos having yogurt into it. You need a shampoo with keratin protein along with any good moisturizing conditioner.

Another good and effective tip is to add few drops of olive oil to conditioner. You can do it just once in a week. After doing it brush your hair so that oil gets to the end of hair which is the most damaged area. Now add some vegetable oil and wrap your hair with plastic bag and then with towel. Leave it at least for 12 hours or more if possible then wash it.

Using shampoo containing natural eucalyptus, it will help in improving the health of your hair. This is best for dry and damaged hair.

Using milky shampoo is the best decision for people having dry hair. It will play a great role and will show excellent results provided the brand should be of good quality. People having dry hair need to wash their hair only 2 to 3 times in a week. It is enough for them.

Using a leave in conditioner also helps making your hair smooth and shiny. Wash with cold water. Don’t use hot water on hair. It will badly affect them. Don’t use too much straightener and some other such products too much. Use them as little as possible.